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Digital Strategy

Holistic omni-channel planning from first interaction through to post purchase.

Every successful organisation has a comprehensive business plan and the digital arm to your business should be no different. Powerhouse has a unique proprietary 12 step framework with a tangible action plan that acts as a road map for all aspects of your digital presence, not just the services managed by us.

Our digital strategy delivers

Omnichannel methodology

Diversifying your traffic sources creates more sustainable growth opportunities.

Clarity and accountability

A clear roadmap of who is responsible for what, with accurate deadlines and outcomes.

Education and alignment

Understand and optimise your entire customer journey with an agency that truely is part of your team.

Maximise your performance marketing investment by optimising your entire digital presence.

Commercial Experience

As owners of successful service and product companies in their own right, Powerhouse directors bring powerful business insight to projects and know exactly how to make digital marketing fuel business growth.

Channel Experts

We live and breathe digital marketing and don’t dilute our offering by bundling it with other services. This means our whole team shares the same mission – to give you the best quality and best performing digital advertising solutions.

Boutique & Responsive

Our clients get to work directly with their strategist, and we turn projects around within a matter of days. Each account is discussed at our wider team meetings, so campaigns get multi-level input.

Maximise your digital efforts by engaging Powerhouse to craft a comprehensive digital strategy.

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