It’s one thing to be able to interview your team, but yourself?

Here’s 11 things you may, or may not have known about Me!

What made you want to start Powerhouse?

I’ve always loved every aspect of business. I’ve also always wanted to help people at scale. Now, I get to enjoy both! What started off as me helping a few friends with their digital marketing & sales has now evolved into what you now know today as Powerhouse. Funny story though. I actually applied for a job at a  ‘digital marketing agency’ but didn’t get the position because I was ‘too ambitious’ – the owner thought I would leave 6 months down the track and start my own agency. To you my friend, I say cheers 😉

Describe your career journey, and how it got you here.

I come from a high-performance sales background, with varying roles across companies of all sizes. For the most part, my digital know-how was self-taught. However I do believe it was a combination of being able to dissect customer journeys and reverse-engineer effective funnels (and just overall geeking-out at how to use technology to create all this) that’s helped us stand out from the competition.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in life currently?

Every single business owner. Seriously, I don’t think people realise how difficult it can be to run a successful team (and business) so to all those sluggin’ it out and chasing your dreams – keep it up!

Would you class yourself as a thinker, or doer? Why?

I tend to be more of a ‘bigger picture’ person so I would say thinker – I’m also a numbers nut (seriously live on my calculator) so tend to attached a tangible goal to everything. That being said, I’m certainly not afraid to roll my sleeves up and lead by example.

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date and why?

As I write this, I’m 26, have two amazing little boys, an extremely supportive and loving better half and a kick-ass agency with an amazing team – what more could you want?

What is the single most important achievement on your bucket list? Why?

Still hanging out to get the free time to tick some of those boxes! Not sure if this would/could ever happen, but I’d die a happy man if I could sit in a movie theatre with Arnold Schwarzenegger and binge-watch all his classics together. one-liner after one-liner, practically know Commando word for word! Vid below for nostalgia factor.

Biggest highlight of your career?

We had a tremendous first month in online sales for a client and everyone in the team was losing their sh!t – it was like a scene from Boiler Room of Wolf of Wall Street! Seeing everyone get really excited and amped when they saw the results of our work was amazing.

What are you best known for?

Probably talking business too much (I had a friend start a lawn-mowing business and within 3 minutes starting rambling on about how he could scale to some ridiculous size).

What do you know is true that no one else agrees on?

You always have time. I can’t stand when someone says they have no time. I have you on Instagram homie’, I know you went out 4 times this week and woke up at 4pm Saturday and Sunday! *Scoff*

Favourite book?

Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone.

Favourite song of all time?

I guarantee I have possibly the most diverse Spotify playlist on this planet. How many of you can say you have Megadeth, Shania Twain, N Sync and Biggie all in one? Yeeeeee.


There ya go peeps – if ya don’t know, now you know.