3X-ing revenue in 60 days scaling lookalike audiences on Facebook & Instagram


$150k+ Revenue – first two months

$8,887 – Facebook ad spend

$7.71x – Total ROAS

Note: Respecting our clients’ privacy, this case study will not mention the brands name.

It’s easy to get excited about launching campaigns but in order to get the best results we started off with this jewellery designer by thoroughly auditing all of their current efforts (check out our process, here).

We analysed their sales data as well as their Google Analytics data and found various leaks on the website that needed to be addressed. These weren't major alterations and would have substantially increased conversion numbers.

We also identified through their pixel data that they had sufficient conversion volume (albeit small) to start the process of building lookalike audiences. This can be quite powerful as this provides not only the ability to generate quick wins, but also offers a solution that is scalable (not limited by audience size).

Next we began creating a series of ad variants for Facebook and Instagram, optimised for each platform. This included static creative, Video and dynamic creative. We drew inspiration from a combination of their top sellers, industry experience (what is converting for other clients) as well as strategic placements/creative.

Within two weeks we had achieved $38,096.00 in directly attributed sales (from $3,357.83) spend and were nowhere near close to exhausting an audience. 

We then worked closely with the client to ensure they were maximising client retention by optimising the post-purchase customer experience as well as consulting on EDM (email marketing) strategy.

We are now looking to plan for our next growth phase with this client, which will be to expand internationally (AU, UK, US and beyond) and will update this case study as this unfolds.

How We Did It

  • Discussed in detail product margin and what our ideal vs ‘still profitable’ CPA was
  • Analysed Shopify and Facebook pixel data in detail
  • CRO work on website to ensure maximum conversion opportunity
  • Leveraged their existing, well converting database to build lookalike audiences
  • Created diverse range of ads across placements & platforms based on their top sellers
  • Remarketed product viewers and abandoned carts 
  • Optimised customer welcome sequence 
  • Provided client with EDM strategy