100% sellthrough in four weeks on $20m+ development for one of Australasia's leading developers


$20m+ Sold

$19,803 Google/Facebook/LinkedIn ad spend

100% Sold in 4 weeks

Note: Respecting our clients’ privacy, this case study will not mention the brands name.

Firstly, we began by creating relevant customer avatars for potential investors. Once we had broken these down, we began distributing ad placements across social, display and youtube.

We also set up hyper-targeted search campaigns to capture those actively looking for commercial property investment.

With time being of the essence on this particular project, we ensured daily optimisation across all campaigns and updated creative as units sold to emphasise scarcity.

Within four weeks we had 100% sellthrough and 40% less spend than budgeted.

On top of the successful campaigns mentioned above, we have also further built their investor database and will look to incorporate EDM strategy int their next campaign/

How we did it

  • Discussed in detail what our ideal CPA was
  • Analysed Web, Facebook, Google and competitor data to identify opportunities and help set KPI’s
  • Optimised Social profiles and customer journey pathways to ensure maximum conversion opportunity
  • Launched nationally targeting various investor avatars
  • Remarketed age viewers and leads to maximise conversions