$1.28m sales + 138% Revenue increase in 6 months with omnichannel digital marketing


$746k additional Revenue Vs previous 6 months

$34,421 Google/Facebook ad spend

13.07x total ROAS

Note: Respecting our clients’ privacy, this case study will not mention the brands name.

We began by analysing their sales data as well as their Google Analytics data and found various leaks on the website that needed to be addressed. We underwent a UX audit, and found that given their first to market status and level of CRO work required it would be a good time to start with a blank canvas. Eager to accelerate their growth we recommended a rebrand and fresh build to secure market leadership status.

While this work was being completed we launched various test campaigns and found winners rather quickly. We knew this particular client was being setup to succeed so we began scaling campaigns in an effort to capture new customers as quick as possible. We had set a minimum CPA figure and agreed to scale as much as possible should this KPI be met.

We also began leveraging their large (and loyal) customer base by incorporating relevant triggers and remarketing up/cross sells to increase average cart value.

Within 12 weeks we had increased revenue by 82% as well as increased returning customer rate 12% and average cart value 22%.

Fast forward another 4 weeks and we were ready for the relaunch of the new brand/website, as well as a loyalty scheme. This proved to be a major success absolutely smashing their historic record month by 28%.

We’re now looking double revenue again within the next 12 months before we look to expand into different markets.

How we did it

  • Discussed in detail product margin and what our ideal vs ‘still profitable’ CPA was
  • Analysed Shopify, Facebook, Google and competitor data to identify opportunities and help set KPI’s
  • CRO work on website, social profiles and customer journey pathways to ensure maximum conversion opportunity
  • Launched into local markets with test audiences and then scaled nationally
  • Remarketed product viewers and abandoned carts to maximise conversions
  • Optimised customer welcome sequence and email automations.
  • Provided client with EDM, content and SEO strategy